School of Economics and Business

School of Economics and Business


Empowering future leaders and professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset by integrating business and technology in education and research, while actively contributing to the economic advancement of the Baltics through societal engagement.


The international center of excellence integrating business and technology, dedicated to fostering societal resilience and innovation while driving regional development.

Principles guiding our academic endeavors encompass:

  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: Integrating technology, business and other diverse fields of study within our School as well as forging collaborations with researchers from various disciplines, to address complex societal challenges in the Baltic region.
  2. Talent Development: We cultivate entrepreneurs and professionals equipped to drive positive change in the Baltic Sea region.
  3. Global Perspective: Conducting research that resonates with the international academic community, fostering collaborations with global partners, and facilitating internationalization within our institution to better prepare students and faculty for the region.
  4. Collaborative Networking: Engaging in fruitful collaborations with fellow researchers within the University and international networks. Co-creating educational programs with input from academic, professional, and social partners.
  5. Challenge-driven Initiatives: Contributing to the sustainable development of the economy and society through research, education, and engagement activities.


Strategic Initiatives (2023-2025)

KTU School of Economics and Business focus to 4 Strategic Initiatives, which supports its mission and shift the School towards its vision:

  • SI1: fostering cutting-edge knowledge creation at the intersection of business and technology (2023-2025). The strategic initiative contributes to the development of researchers’ competencies and cutting-edge knowledge creation, aiming to stand out in the region with knowledge at the intersection of business and technology.
  • SI2: integrating business and technology to engage with society (2023-2025). The strategic initiative contributes to the relevance and impact of research on business and society by integrating business and technology knowledge and transferring it to the broader society contributing to the economic advancement of the Baltics.
  • SI3: cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among students (2023-2025). The strategic initiative contributes to empowering future leaders and professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset by developing educational innovations.
  • SI4: fostering societal resilience and driving positive regional change through our graduates (2024-2030). The strategic initiative contributes to fostering societal resilience of the region by providing graduates with international, interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, social, and networking experiences.

We are bold to accept innovations and innovations, which is why we were the first in the Baltic States to open the Bloomberg Financial Markets Laboratory. We implement study programs according to the standards of international professional accreditations (ACCA, CIM, BMDA, CFA, EFMD, IPMA, SHRM, etc.). School is currently in the process of pursuing the international AACSB accreditation, which is held by less than 6%. the world’s best business schools, also, School is member of EFMD and AACSB associations. Faculty researchers have established strong relationships with prominent international universities and colleagues from around the world. Professors from Yale, Stanford, MIT, Berkley, Bond, Queensland, Montpellier, St. Gallen, Tampere, Dortmund, Copenhagen Business School and other universities.

Key facts:

  • Since 2013 ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants) Examination Centre has been successfully operating in the School
  • On 30 June 2015 the first Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab in the Baltic States was opened at the School
  • In 2015 School received three palms from Eduniversal (International business schools rankings) and was listed among 700 best business schools in the world.
  • In 2015 KTU SEB became AACSB International (Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) member.
  • Since 2018 Students of Masters Study programme “Marketing management” become members of CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing).
  • 2020 KTU SEB has been invited to join ELP (Experiential Learning Partner) network & becomes the first institution in the Baltic States joining the elite group of universities worldwide.

Our commitment to the Baltics lies at the heart of our strategic vision. We actively contribute to the economic advancement of the region through meaningful societal engagement. The KTU School of Economics and Business plays a pivotal role in the development of the Baltic region through three key activities:

  1. Overcoming Regional Challenges: The Baltics face various challenges, including economic fluctuations, geopolitical tensions, migration, and labor market dynamics. In response, our School collaborates closely with both public and private sectors to address these challenges. We engage in joint initiatives to identify relevant research questions and involve stakeholders in research and knowledge transfer activities, fostering regional resilience and progress.
  2. Partnering for Sustainable Development: Aligned with the strategic objectives of Horizon Europe (2025-2027), with prioritization of sustainable development in three critical areas: green transition, digital transformation, and fostering a resilient, competitive, inclusive, and democratic Europe. Leveraging the Baltics’ reputation as digital pioneers, we develop partnerships with businesses and public sector institutions to research topics such as digital transformation, AI applications, circular economy, HealthTech ecosystem, and energy economics. These collaborations actively contribute to the region’s ongoing development.
  3. Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset: As leaders in digital transformation, the Baltics demand a workforce equipped with entrepreneurial mindset. To meet this need, our School develops educational innovations in collaboration with regional partners such as Kaunas IN, Kaunas TechPark, and Swedbank. By nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among future leaders and professionals, we empower organizations to drive innovation and sustain the region’s competitive edge.

By joining the SEB Alumni network, our graduates are able to get involved in activities of interest:

  • Join the KTU GUIDed program and collaborate with students to become their mentors.
  • Share your knowledge and experience during the study process. Maybe you want to get involved in lecturing or offer real business case studies for student papers? Lectures by practitioners who share their experience and insights regularly attract large student audiences, involving students in business projects provides mutual benefits – both for students and business representatives;
  • Give scholarships to talented students and help them grow in the professional field;
  • Visit and take advantage of the training opportunity in the modern first and only in the Baltic States and Poland in the “Bloomberg” financial and markets laboratory;
  • Come to open events, seminars and lectures led by famous professors and business practitioners;
  • Follow university news and be the first to receive offers.
  • Participate in SEB Alumni and KTU Alumni Association events and expand your circle of contacts.

KTU SEB offers a wide range of services for business.

Technological change is a long-term systemic process that will have a profound impact on all business management practices and the economy, regardless of the industrial sector in which companies are located and the institutional context in which they operate. Scientific input and collaboration with business and public sector organisations is critical to the exploration and development of new business models and forms of work organisation, new skills and new performance management, legal and regulatory frameworks at regional, national and EU levels. The idea of the KTU SEB Business Clinics is based on:

  • The need to share the knowledge and practices developed by the KTU School of Economics and Business together with its partners and the results of relevant research with business and public sector organisations;
  • The need to incorporate original business practices into the regular study process;
  • A strategic commitment to developing competences in change leadership, strategic and systems thinking.

Kaunas University of Technology:

  • One of the largest technical university in the Baltic States.
  • KTU has been working in collaboration with 14 ECIU members to develop ECIU University since 2016.
  • over 7,400 students study in BSc, MSc and PhD.
  • almost 1,000 qualified professors, visiting professors, and experts from industry.
  • Since 1922, more than 157,000 graduates have graduated from the university.
  • more 500 agreements with business and public organizations worldwide: NATO, BASF, ELSIS TS, Samsung, Bloomberg, and others.
  • Stimulating young businesses: open opportunities to realize an idea in the KTU Startup Space.

KTU School of Economics and Business:

  • Founded in 1968, the School of Economics and Business is one of the largest Schools in the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, and the Baltics.
  • Over 1,000 students study in BSc, MSc and PhD.
  • Almost 100 qualified professors, visiting professors, and experts from industry.
  • Since 2015 full member of EFMD Global Network.
  • Since 2016 member of AACSB International.
  • First in the Baltics opened Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab (2015) and Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (since 2020).
  • KTU M-lab research center opened in 2023 with Behavioral research center blending biomedical engineering and neuroscience with innovation management and marketing.
  • AACSB Innovation that inspire 2023 award Developing Research Groups in Business School.
  • Study programs are recognized by CFA, ACCA, SHRM, IPMA, CIM.

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