If we could explain economics in one sentence, it would sound something like this: “Economics is a never-ending study on how our world works”. Indeed, we always look for answers about how society, governments, or various businesses make decisions based on how to distribute limited resources and get the most out of it.

Marketing is the universal language between consumers and modern businesses. It is one of the hardest working departments in any given company or start-up, ready for any challenge. Businesses regularly raise questions on how to maintain a competitive edge. What is the competitive edge on a given day? What is the meaning of value? What do consumers need today and what will they need tomorrow?

This is the perfect chance to turn your biggest dreams and ideas into a smart and successful business. Have you wanted to start something of your own, but haven’t had enough courage or knowledge to even begin? Have you struggled to put your ideas into the spotlight and materialise them into something tangible and financially successful? These studies are the gateway to your ambitious goals, and the foundation needed for a booming business model.

Study the main element that makes our world evolve and grow – finance. There is no wonder why financial specialists are able to tell you more about the worth of money. They are capable of understanding the core nuances behind each company and organisation, able to identify the real outlines of financial resources and can easily collect, use, accumulate and manage financial holdings.

Who will lead us tomorrow: humans or robots? The future, when drones deliver packages to our homes, smart devices create our shopping lists and artificial intelligence assists us in making decisions at home and in business, is just around the corner. If you share similar future vision, then this program is tailored for you.