The goal of this programme is to develop competent, analytically and critically minded specialists in the field of economics. Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to analyse and to critically evaluate microeconomic, meso and macro-economic processes, to identify economic problems and to propose informed solutions.

In today’s business environment, the success of an organisation lies in its ability to create and to maintain competitive advantage. The role of marketing is to identify the sources of competitive advantage and to ensure the organisation’s ability to use them. It is necessary to know the consumers and their needs, to be able to create innovative goods, to develop brand communications through traditional and digital channels, and so on. Maintaining close relationships, knowledge and good practice exchange with business and international partners, this study programme is a resource of comprehensive marketing knowledge, useful in developing innovations, adopting standard and non-traditional solutions in real market situations.

This study programme is designed for active and creative young people who have an ambition to develop their own business or to manage corporate functional units (purchases, sales, exports, etc.). These studies provide the students with key knowledge and insight into business practices, help develop their leadership skills, assist in understanding the principles of socially responsible business development and management and in finding solutions, which increase competitiveness of business.

Graduates of this programme have extensive knowledge of the specifics of financial activities of companies, financial markets and financial institutions, as well as the peculiarities of processes taking place in these fields, and have practical skills in applying financial management tools in the areas of efficient acquisition, storage, distribution, use and management of financial resources. Graduates acquire versatile knowledge and skills that include all the key areas of financial activity: financial analysis, financial planning, financial management decision-making and financial services.



The Accounting and Audit is an internationally recognised master’s degree programme providing in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting and audit that is needed to gain a prestigious ACCA qualification and become a professional accounting and auditing specialist, chief accountant, financial director or company manager in international or national auditing, accounting or other business company, and in Lithuanian and European public institutions.

This programme develops the ability to design and apply economic models at functional levels on national and international stage, to create and lead businesses. Graduates gain practical skills in modelling and calculating the economic effects of various business decisions and practical knowledge and skills, which enable them to enhance competitive advantages of enterprises.

The graduates of this programme will possess diverse range of knowledge about the specifics of state processes, about the processes taking place in different financial market segments, in business sector. They will be able to apply innovative financial management principles, tools and methods in various financial management institutions and non-financial corporations, and to identify and solve financial management problems, arising at the level of the state, financial sector or non-financial company.

This programme is aimed at ambitious graduates seeking to gain a flexible and versatile specialisation, which respond to the contemporary market. The distinctive feature of the programme is the latest set of management and economy knowledge and competences. Graduates may work successfully as project managers, change managers, business process analysts and consultants for national and international business organisations, they are capable of establishing and developing their own businesses.

It is a study programme that develops the managerial competence to create, implement and manage innovative processes in organisations and to establish and develop innovative businesses in different industries. The programme encourages and trains creative thinking, the ability to initiate innovation in products, processes and value propositions, and to develop value maximising and market-expanding strategies. Education is based on the systematic integration of management, technology, finance and law knowledge for business management decision making.

These studies are tailored to suit business needs and are complying with international marketing qualification standards. Marketing practitioners and professionals and teachers from abroad are closely involved in the study process. The graduates of this programme possess systematic approach to marketing, empowering modern marketing management knowledge; they are able to conduct expert evaluation of marketing problems and adopt strategic and tactical marketing management decisions.

The International Business study programme is designed to enhance business management knowledge for both management and non-management (including engineering) graduates. The goal of the programme is to train innovative and strategically minded entrepreneurs capable of developing and managing successful business organisations based on cutting-edge business management methods and tools. This is the only master’s degree programme in Lithuania where exceptional contemporary study modules such as Business Model Innovation, Business Intelligence, Creative Problem Solving are being taught.

The graduates of this study programme acquire the latest knowledge in business economics, are able to solve problems of business organisations in national and global context. They are able to creatively and critically evaluate economic ideas, theoretical and practical innovations, and learn how to apply them in practice. The programme has been developed in cooperation with business. KTU Business economics masters possess practical knowledge and ability to calculate the economic effects of business decisions and to increase competitive advantage of companies.

Human Resource Management master’s programme in 2014–2016 has earned the top grade when assessed by Lithuanian and foreign experts due to its well-balanced structure. During the course, not only the concepts and strategies of human resources management are explained, but students are also taught to apply the methods necessary for research in human resources; they learn practical solutions for development of innovative HRM systems and human potential.



Joint programme with Klaipėda University and Lithuanian Institute of Energy. The programme trains top-notch professionals who are ready for academic and professional career in the world’s leading academic institutions.

The programme trains top-notch professionals who are ready for academic and professional career in the world’s leading academic institutions.

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