No organisation can lead their business without the helping hands of accounting and auditing. It is one of the most crucial areas of any internal activity, helping companies and organisations function legally and effectively. This is the only study program in Lithuania that ensures an international preparation for your future: the graduates of this program are awarded as many as 7 out of 9 credits from the ACCA examinations of the International Association of Professional Accountants.

We are always looking for the right answers on how society, government, and various businesses make economic decisions. How they are able to allocate limited resources most efficiently and get the most out of it fundamentally. The main task of the Master of Economics program is to shape your gained expertise into real, applicable solutions, utilise them nationally and internationally, and create the companies that will implement them.

Money is the driving force of our world. But behind all the money-making is the subtle science of finance. For financial professionals, this is an excellent opportunity to broaden their existing knowledge and gain a relevant and comprehensive education that covers the full range of financial expertise. KTU provides a top-class study tailored to the needs of modern and future individuals and businesses.

A good captain will steer his ship steady during the most intense storms. Skilled executives as such are needed and highly valued in the current turbulent market conditions. To perform successful business management – broad competencies such as the latest knowledge in management, marketing, finance, and economics blend together. All of this is crucial for working with dynamic local and international businesses or organisations.

This degree program is unique because of its universality for anyone pursuing ambitious goals in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is an excellent choice for those who dream of creating their own innovative business or seek high positions in the best companies. The task of the Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship study program is to turn your goals into a reality. You will learn to not only to create innovations that change the market rules but also how to manage innovative businesses in different industries.

From any part of the world, the entrepreneurs would agree that the marketers of today have to be able to provide for everything. In the whirlwind of intense competitions, only the quick-witted ones will be able to tell you how to leave the slow ones behind. This Marketing Management program is accredited by the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Does the thought of international success spark a twinkle in your eye? If so, then this program is custom-tailored just for you. It trains the strategically minded professionals like yourself to build successful companies and organisations. The expertise of these studies is deepened both by the students who already hold a management education and students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in other specialties.

What can be better than business economics studies guided by the business world itself? Having that in mind, these studies are prepared accordingly – everything is done in cooperation with representatives of the business world – from theoretical to practical subjects. As a result, not only the economic expertise or critical thinking advice will be at your hands, but also the adaptable real-world skills that will ultimately help your business grow successfully.

This is a study program that practices the reveal of the best qualities of employees and uses them for the success of an organisation. It delves into modern human resource management concepts and strategies, tactics, and day-to-day practices. Ultimately, it examines the managerial, psychological, legal, and information technology aspects which allow employees and their teams to focus on achieving goals.