About the project

Export management

Business strategy and sales


About the project

The KTU SEB Business and Entrepreneurship study program is organised according to a new and innovative study model for practical skills in Lithuania. The program includes two specializations: Export Management (Innovative Export Leaders Program “Wings“, which is developed in cooperation with the Innovation Agency) and Business Strategy and Sales. These specializations emphasize the application of theoretical knowledge in business working full-time.

As part of the internship, students implement a personal program for the improvement of practise tasks and business competences, which are prepared by a tripartite agreement between the company, the student, and the university before the practice begins.

Business practise is organised in a circular way. Students work for 2 semesters (after 18 weeks) full -time. The internship is paid. During the internship, students are constantly supported and educated in collaboration between the university and the mentors of the company.

Young talents are undergraduate students of the Business and Entrepreneurship study program in Course 3 or 4. The practise is carried out in February to May (I Rotation) and September to December (II rotation). Currently, companies are invited to participate in the second rotation (specialisation “Business Strategy and Sales”). Registration for the second rotation is carried out until March 31, 2023.


Business strategy and sales

It is worth participating in the program

By participating in the program, companies get a unique opportunity, students who are ready for practise.
Students already have the necessary knowledge in the field of sales and the ability to work with the latest IT tools and methodologies (e.g. MsPowerBI, Kearney The Purchasing Chessboard, etc.). They know how to analyse trade statistics, evaluate correlations, and develop a supply price strategy.

The selection of practice places is carried out by combining the priorities of interested companies and students. Before the conclusion of internship contracts, meetings between companies and students are organised.


Company selection criteria

  •  The company must have at least 10 employees;
  • The company has a positive credit history and can guarantee an internship place for the entire planned internship period (4 months);
  •  The company operates in the field of sales organisation (at least 3 years) and has the opportunity to appoint an employee who would become a mentor for students’ internship.

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Partners and participants


Rimgailė Vaitkienė
prof. dr. Rimgailė Vaitkienė


Gedimino g. 50-411, Kaunas
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