KTU’s School of Economics and Business Among 700 Best Business Schools in the World

Important | 2015-10-15

School of Economics and Business at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU’ SEB) has been recognised as one of the best business schools in the world – it was awarded with 3 Palmes of Excellence (out of 5) by the international ranking of business universities Eduniversal. KTU’s SEB is among the 700 best business schools in the world.

The results of the international ranking Eduniversal, which features KTU for the first time, was announced in Harvard University (USA) this week. The three Palmes of Excellence signifies the growth of international popularity of the KTU’s SEB, as only 400 of the world’s business schools keep up to this level. The highest award, i.e. 5 Palmes of Excellence are being awarded to 100 business universities and schools all over the world.

The Eduniversal system rates schools according to the international reputation of a school at national and global levels, and by geographical zone. After the 1000 best business schools in 154 countries have been selected, they are divided within each country into five levels of excellence which Eduniversal titles the Palme of Excellence. There are five leagues of Palmes of Excellence.

A Palme level is awarded to each school based on a set of internationalization criteria developed by the International Scientific Committee. These schools are then ranked within each Palme level according to the assessment made by peers: The Deans vote.

Division of the schools into the five Palmes of Excellence leagues allows for a horizontal comparison within 9 zones, which is different from the vertical comparison established by most of the international ranking systems. The Eduniversal Ranking System does not compare, for example, schools in one country to another country. Rather, it simply ranks the best schools within each country and within each Palme league.

The ranking is a useful tool for students and academic employees for choosing a work or study place, or academic and research partners.