First in the Baltics Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab Opened at KTU

Important | 2015-06-30

First in the Baltics Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab was opened at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) School of Economics and Business this week. According to business professionals, Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab will provide competitive advantage for KTU graduates in global job market.

The collaboration between the world’s leading provider of financial information ‒ Bloomberg company from the US – and KTU has started last December, when the founding treaty of Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab was signed.

The Lab will provide KTU students the access to the Bloomberg Professional information platform, which is being used by more than 320 thousand business leaders and financial professionals worldwide. Bloomberg Professional is considered the best service designed for finance and business institutions. KTU is the first university in the Baltic States and Poland to establish Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab for its students.

Bloomberg Terminals in the newly established Lab at the KTU’s School of Economics and Business provides the most recent data on financial markets 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Up-to-the-second information is being displayed on the screens and the clocks on the walls indicate times in the world’s financial capitals.

“The Bloomberg Professional service holds the same importance for economics and business, as magnetic resonance spectrograph, which provides images of genes, in medicine. By establishing Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab at our University we made an enormous step into the future”, said Petras Baršauskas, KTU Rector.

The Lab provides access to the real-time economic environment. For instance, in the news there is not much financial information on situation in Greece. However, Bloomberg Professional service allows students to see everything what is happening in Greece’s markets.

“Bloomberg Professional is valued by all the professionals of financial markets as the best service providing real information about every market in the world. Analytical data, various research, charts and news influence investment and business decisions globally”, said Arminta Saladžienė, Head of Baltic Markets at NASDAQ.

According to her, Lithuania is regarded as a country with highly qualified professionals, therefore it is very important that we keep finding new opportunities to educate them.

Business and public organisations will also benefit from the newly opened Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab, as they will be able to employ graduates possessing skills and practical information on processes in global markets. The talent search tool installed in the Lab is being used by more than 20 thousand financial leaders globally, seeking talented and well educated financial professionals.

The total cost of the project is 90 thousand euros.