A look at 2022 year together with KTU School of Economics and Business

Important | 2022-12-31

The biggest celebrations of the year and the end of the year are a great opportunity to reflect on the work we have done, the highlights of the year and to thank our communion. As we get caught up in the routine, we often forget to pause and take a look of the journey and the achievements. Inspired by the desire to explore, discover and collaborate, the community of the School of Economics and Business of KTU this year has implemented goals that contribute to the ambition of becoming a highly reputable centre of excellence in economics, business and management. We would like to share with you and celebrate what the KTU SEB community has achieved in 2022:

  • This year we welcomed 328 new students and the total number of students at the Faculty is 1163.
  • We have a total of 129 lecturers at KTU SEB.
  • There are 14 study programmes.
  • The employment rate of graduates within 12 months after graduation is 82%.
  • The Research Council of Lithuania has funded 10 student research placements of 2022-2033 academic year.
  • 88 lectures were delivered by business representatives at the Faculty.
  • 59 articles in WoS/Scopus international publishers.
  • 39 articles with foreign co-authors in WoS/Scopus.
  • 4 monographs and scientific studies published by international publishers.
  • 7 new scientific projects and 3 study projects launched and funding received for 8 additional activities (events, study visits, etc.).
  • 4 international scientific conferences have been organised: EMAC 2022 13th Regional Conference, 4th Baltic economics conference (4th BEC-2022), MakeLearn & TIIM 2022, 20th BMDA Conference.
  • Two defended PhD dissertations in the field of management science (social sciences, management, S003).
  • The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences awarded two young researchers for their research work.
  • 53 foreign researchers lectured/trained at the Faculty.
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development contracts and services provided for 120K euros.
  • Three stages towards AACSB accreditation have already been successfully completed and Progress Report 1 has been completed in 2022.
  • Cooperation with Peregrine Global Service has been launched and the assessment of the knowledge of all the Faculty’s BA and MA first year students has been carried out using GBE tests (Global Business Education Assessment).