Personal and Organizational Determinants of Career for Workers With Disabilities


Project no.: S-ST-22-25

Project description:

Recently, the issue of labor shortage in Lithuania has been widely discussed. However, the problem has a dual nature. On the one hand, it is increasingly difficult for organizations to fill vacancies, i.e. attract and retain employees. On the other hand, organizations are still reluctant to hire people with disabilities. Also, people with disabilities often avoid or hesitate to start or continue a career and thus establish themselves in the labor market.
The purpose of the research is to reveal what individual and organizational factors determine the career of persons with disabilities.

Project results:

Recommendations on how to increase the participation of persons with disabilities in the labor market

Period of project implementation: 2022-09-05 - 2023-03-31

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Živilė Stankevičiūtė

2022 - 2023

Academic Centre of Economics, Business and Management, School of Economics and Business