Business model digital transformation: identifying opportunities in the construction sector


Project no.: S-ST-22-11

Project description:

The research aims to identify the possibilities of digital transformation of the business model in Lithuanian construction sector companies. The research is relevant in order to accelerate the development of digital technologies in the construction sector in Lithuania, developing digital business models based on the latest digital technologies and solutions. The study promotes public discourse on the topic of digital innovation, emphasizes the benefits of digital transformation for companies and the entire ecosystem, and evaluates the opportunities for change. The research assumptions are based on the analysis of scientific literature and political/strategic documents. Empirical research design – case study.

Project results:

The results of the study are summarized by reasoning alternative scenarios for the digital transformation of the business model and providing recommendations.

Period of project implementation: 2022-09-05 - 2023-03-31

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Lina Užienė

2022 - 2023

Academic Centre of Economics, Business and Management, School of Economics and Business