Principles of International and European Tax law


KTU School of Economics and Business is pleased to welcome you to series of lectures dedicated to the topic of International and European taxation, which will be presented by international tax expert – JUDr. Tomas Balco, LL.M., FCCA. Please see more information about program of lectures and lecturer here: [[{“fid”:”10396″,”view_mode”:”default”,”fields”:{“format”:”default”},”type”:”media”,”link_text”:”lectures_in_ktu_t_balco.pdf”,”attributes”:{“class”:”file media-element file-default”}}]]

You can also benefit from presentation of Dr. Balco during the ICEM 2015 conference on topic about “Tax challenges for companies operating in global world vs. Challenges for governments taxing companies operating in the Global world”.

Read more about the ICEM 2015 conference:

Dr. Balco is a tax professional with over 15 years of experience in private and public sectors (Ministries of Finance of Chile, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, EU Commission), research (IBFD, ICTD) and academia.

May 5 d., 2015 05:30 - May 7 d., 2015 16:00

'KTU School of Economics and Business (K. Donelaičio St 20)'

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