Fintech, blockchain, other financial opportunities for business



After the lecture a discussion, moderated by prof. Gerda Žigienė (KTU School of Economics and Business), will take place.

Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center, professor Arturo Bris ranks among the top 100 most-read finance academics in the world.

His research and consulting activities focus on the international aspects of financial regulation, and in particular on the effects of bankruptcy, short sales, insider trading, and merger laws. Arturo Bris has also researched and lectured on the effects of the Euro on the corporate sector, as well as on the valuation impact of corporate governance changes.

Arturo is passionate about global competitiveness, financial development and macroeconomics. His latest research identifies the relationship between income inequality, social mobility and competitiveness. He is also developing a competitiveness-based investment portfolio that track the best and worst economies.

His latest book, Blockchange! provides insights on how to survive the crypto economy.

Professor Bris taught Corporate Finance and Investment Banking at Yale, where he received the Best Teacher Award twice. His consulting experience includes companies in both the US and Europe.

December 19 d., 2018 11:00

KTU Santaka Valley

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