„Erasmus+ Day“ TIME TO MOVE!


KTU School of Economics and Business has 150 Erasmus+ agreements in 25 European countries!

Come, hear and share good experiences together with returning Lithuanian Erasmus+ students, as well as with newly arrived Erasmus+ students from abroad, and dispel the main Erasmus+ „myths“:

1.      What will happen to my grades and Grade Point Average?

2.      Will I still receive a scholarship after Erasmus+?

3.      Are there any cultural and linguistic barriers?

4.      Is Erasmus+ grant sufficient for living in the selected country?

…and many others!

Take this lifetime experience!

For more information here (in Lithuanian), or here (in English).

Your Erasmus+ coordinator at KTU School of Economics and Business – Rasa Rauktiene (rasa.rauktiene@ktu.lt), room 325.

February 10 d., 2016 10:00 - 11:00

'KTU School of Economics and Business (Gedinimo St. 50 - 315 a.)'

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